The Georgia Gwinnett College mace


The torch represents the light of education and its promise of a brighter future for students, families, communities, nations and the world. Cast in urethane from a 3D-printed mold, it symbolizes GGC’s modern and innovative approach to higher education. Its green flame represents one of the college’s official colors, as well as life, growth and prosperity.

The cube represents the college as a whole and symbolizes permanence. It is adorned by the college seal and logo in its official colors.

Gold represents GGC’s leaders, and symbolizes their knowledge and authority in guiding the institution.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel represents GGC’s staff members and symbolizes the stability and structure they provide the college.

Bronze represents GGC’s faculty members and symbolizes the education, inspiration and mentorship they provide their students.

Aluminum represents the educational process and symbolizes the transformation it offers not only for students, but everyone involved with the college.

Maple wood represents the students and symbolizes their growth and pioneering spirit as they embark on their educational journey, forever changing their lives. GGC’s four pillars of scholarship, creativity, leadership and service are inlaid in the maple, as these qualities are instilled in the college’s students. The letters are inlaid mahogany.

Copper represents the connection between GGC and its communities, symbolizing positive relationships.

Iron represents the broader college community members and symbolizes the strength, courage and life-force its support means to the foundation and ongoing success of Georgia Gwinnett College.

A ceremonial mace is a highly ornamented staff carried by a designated official during processions for formal academic ceremonies or parliamentary occasions. Derived from ancient weapons, maces become adorned and adapted for ceremonial use during the Middle Ages, and are often metal or wood. Georgia Gwinnett College’s mace updates the tradition with a mix of materials representing the many parts of the college community. Several of its materials have ancient cultural significance, some of which inspired the mace’s following symbolism.

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Mace Designer/Art Director
Mark Baran

Produced by
3D Solutions, Tyrone, Ga.

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