Photo Gallery

Male student smiling and pointing at another student's laptop
Three graduates sitting and holding their diplomas
Male student sitting in chair and playing a trumpet
Faculty member rolling cart and model skeleton along the sidewalk
Faculty and staff members smiling and waving on the GGC lawn
Two students posing with General
Two male students carrying a GGC10 banner
Three students working together in classroom
Three smiling students in rain ponchos
Three female students holding student involvement towels
Three smiling students at a campus celebration
Four smiling students at campus event
Student speaker delivering speech at commencement ceremony
Male student wearing lab gear inspecting a test tube
Three students preparing for a bike ride
Two male soccer players trying to kick the same ball
Three students holding programs from a campus event
Three male students talking to each other in front of the library
Male student wearing a hat and using a laptop
Three female students smiling and holding cell phones
Group of students walking to class
Soccer coach talking to two male soccer players
Students in class measuring speed of a tennis ball falling
Male student in community garden holding basket of vegetables
Students and professor working in the digital media lab
Campus police officers, a student and a parent with Buddy the bomb dog
Female student sitting in an adirondack chair on the library lawn studying
Campus police officer speaking to a group of students
Four female students at Path to Success day
Two female students drawing with chalk on library sidewalk
Campus police officer showing a group of new students a campus map
Female graduate smiling and putting on graduation cap
Male graduate holding diploma with commencement speaker Dr. Belle S. Wheelan
Excited female graduate holding diploma in the air
Hand holding a card from the Alumni Association with a GGC10 lapel pin attached
Female graduate singing the national anthem at commencement
Crowd of graduates after commencement ceremony
Two female students sitting on the lawn eating hamburgers
Faculty member teaching class outside using candy and sidewalk chalk for a biology demonstration
Three students collaborating on a project in the digital media lab
Student waving to her friends through a window in the library
Large group of honors students sitting at tables meeting Senator Eric Johnson
Female soccer player kicking a soccer ball
Student Affairs staff posed with General
Group of students on a stage while looking up at the lights
Female student studying on campus while wearing headphones
Four faculty and staff members standing in front of a memorial display of Barry Biddlecomb's ties.
Female student sitting on the floor by a window in the library, using her laptop.
Female student examining petri dish in lab.
Two female students examining a model skeleton
Male student holding umbrella walking past the library on a rainy day.
Faculty member sitting down and speaking with a student
Faculty member giving a presentation to other faculty and staff members
Two students sharing an umbrella on campus during a rainy day
Male student sitting on the floor in hallway using his laptop
Three female students filming with video equipment
Faculty member giving a lecture
Faculty member standing next to a drawing board giving a presentation to faculty and staff about literacy
Three students studying in a library study room
Faculty member having a discussion with a student over lunch